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여기 ** 게시판의 특징이 아마도 다양한 관점과 취향들이겠지요. 해서 얼마 전에 뉴스그룹에서 읽고는 내심 빙그레 웃었던 기억이 나는 아티클을 한번 소개해 봅니다. 첼리의 독설이나 클라이버의 재치가 재미납니다. 아마 슈피겔에 실렸다는 클라이버의 익명기고는 여러 소스에서 사실이었다고 하더군요 :

Excerpts from an interview Sergiu Celibidache gave to Der Spiegel in 1989:

Karajan: “horrible. Either he’s a good businessman, or he is deaf.”

Toscanini: “a note factory.”

Muti: “talented, but a great ignoramus.”

Abbado: “a wound; totally bereft of any talent. I could survive for three weeks without food, but three hours of listening to him would garantee a heart attack.”

Bohm: “a sack of potatoes who never conducted a note of music in his life.”

I read an interview with someone who attended a philosophy seminar at
which Celi was one of the guest speakers. During his conference he
related everything in life to music, so someone asked “Maestro, is there
anything in the world that isn’t musical?”

Celibidache’s one word reply: “Abbado”.

기가 막힐 독설, 독선에 오만이지요… 첼리비다케의 정원을 처음부터 끝까지 한번에 보기는 힘들고 여러번 나눠보면서, 저 ‘분노의 화신’이란 현상을 이해하기가 참 힘들더군요. 음악을 평생했다는 저 양반에게, 음악이 해준 바가 저렇게 없을 수가 있단 말인가… 싶기도 하고, 카라얀과 같은 본질이되 방향이 반대인 마케팅인가 싶기도 하고…

Carlos Kleiber replied with the following letter to Der Spiegel, signed “Toscanini”.

“Telex from Toscanini (Heaven) to Celibidache (Munich):

Dear Sergiu. We have read you in the Spiegel. You get overexcited, but
we forgive you. We have no choice anyway: forgiveness is in style Up
Here. Papa Josef, Wolfgang Amadeus, Ludwig, Johannes and Anton all
prefer the second violins on the right and claim that your tempi are
all wrong.
(…) Sadly I must tell you that Up Here we’re all quite taken
with Herbert. In fact, the other conductors are a little jealous of him …”

‘당신의 템포는 전부 틀렸어” 100% 동감.

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